Three delicacies must be tried when traveling to Quy Nhon

Mrs. Thom is 63 years old, and has opened a barrow shop for 30 years. Her daughter said, lagu bread is quite strange when the shop is new, but gradually more and more visitors come from each other because of everyone's ears.
The big piece of pork right in the middle of the soup is what surprised the most customers. When eating, you will feel the aroma, sweetness and softness of the meat just right, not too long. In particular, bread served always aromatic thanks to a layer of butter before baking.
To enjoy the food, diners can go to the restaurant in the small alley on Nguyen Hue Street. The alley barely fit a motorcycle, but from late afternoon until late at night, it always attracted guests. The price for a single person is VND 35,000. Each extra bread costs 3,000 VND.
The pig cake asks
Perhaps gourmets don't know this particular dish of Binh Dinh martial land. Delicious cake must be soft, moderately soft, no pungent smell, covered on an eye-catching chopped chives.
The first person to try the dish will be confused because the pig's heart is not allowed to eat with the porridge, but eat with the cake. The pieces of the heart are cut to the right, then boiled before being served to the guests. Pig boiled water is also used to cook porridge, so that porridge is sweet.